One Hobby Is Not Enough

Driven by curiosity I looked at what computers and the internet had to offer. There's a tutorial for something new around every corner after all.

  • Avid Apple Evangelist
  • DJ and music producer
  • Passionate Gamer
  • Github contributor
  • Python 3 developer
  • Vue.js developer

Trance Production

After many years of spinning and mixing trance records I took the plunge into music production - at the tender age of 33. It's never too late to follow your true passion.

Also: It's never too late to teach yourself something new!

Web Development

I slaved away at the altar of PHP for many years before I finally saw the light and found Python - these days I'm working on distributed asynchronous web services based on Tornado and asyncio. I also built reactive user interfaces with Vue.js.

House & Trance DJ

Started mixing electronic music some 18 years ago and haven't stopped since. In 2010 I finally got my Technics 1210 and went digital vinyl. Other people want Amazon vouchers, I take Paypal credits for Beatport purchases. πŸ˜‰

Gaming Streams and Games Commentary

I wrote game reviews since the early 2000s - after a 5-year stint in the games industry I made them purely my hobby again. These days I stream my gaming sessions on Twitch and work on my backlog of video essays and reviews.


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